-Connected data* — Data Science

Have you ever wonder what could be the next key thing in AI-ML world?

There are plenty of tools, ready Packages , Auto Pipelines, Metadata reader , bot Coders ,AutoML and now Generative AI, Federated Learning like ever growing list but do you know ..there…

The onething you need to know anything to get in your life…..

Yes…Based on True Events !

You can test this and comment if it won’t work for you..

What ever you are in the state now.. its because of what you built yourself in your imagination with Emotions..


The open secret to create NewNeed for Customer(s) & as a Customer what you should avoid ?

#SimpleSecrets #BusinessModel

Anything comes with #Free Tag actually got a hidden charge(s) always in the form of bigger value for exchange either immediate or in near future... Except #Nature !

Advertisement, Marketing always…

If you can’t stop this Video (in the given url ) in middle and some feelings which you can’t express in words but thinking about our Mom….!!!!!!! it proves that your #EmotionalIntelligence (#EI) is High !!!

Credit : Unknown Friend who Directed this
BG Music Credit: Illayaraja sir
Source : WhatsApp forward…

9 Steps for AI to Win n Continuous Space

Lots of advancement in #AI and specifically DeepReinforcement Learning — how AI is learning by experiences as like Human.

lots of details you can get it from ‘Google’ but a picture says it all the secrets here ,

#AI getting smarter by learning our #Values !

Deep Reinforcement Learning…

Emotional Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence |#Ei vs #AI

Got a chance to explore one of the advanced AI technique — ‘Model -Free ‘ & ‘Policy vs Value’ based Deep Reinforcement Learning (Deep Q Learning).

But my message & view is ..

‘AI’ is so far so long to get into…

Micro Series #4 -An Emotional Intelligence (#EI)

Feeling cloudy ??

Failed to start ? Struck in middle ? Simply lock-down? Lost your flow ?

Sometimes, we may not able to move on what we strive to achieve or dream on !! Could be various contexts & multiple reasons but here are some #simplesecrets to charge-self !


Senthil Chidambaram

Simple & Curious !

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